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Puerto López Spanish classes on the coast

Puerto López is an authentic fishing village located in the Machalilla National Park at the coast of the Pacific Ocean. It is famous for its local culinary specialities as well as for its cultural and natural attractions.

You can enjoy the humpback whales watching (Megaptera novaeangliae) and their spectacular dance in Puerto Lopez. During the annual migration which lasts from June to September in Ecuador the whales travel to the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean where they breed and give birth. That´s why Puerto Lopez has been named as a Whale Sanctuary. The temperature varies between 25 – 30 degrees celcius.

Spanish classes in Puerto López

Students from La Lengua may choose the number of Spanish lessons per day.

Accommodation Hosteria Itapoa

You will stay at the “Itapoa” hosteria which is located in Puerto López beach.

Nearby excursions

Isla de la Plata (about a two-hour boat trip from Puerto López): the fauna and flora of this island are similar to some islands of the archipelago of Galápagos.
Whale watching (between June and September): observating at them guarantees strong emotions!
Los Frailes: reputed to be the most beautiful beach in Ecuador.
Agua Blanca: A special place in the Machalilla National Park. Walks or horse rides through the tropical dry forest and visits to the Pre-Inca ruins.

What to Bring

Option I – Spanish classes & accommodation (USD 399)


Not Included

Option II – Spanish classes, accommodation & excursions (USD 499)


Not Included